Viper Jet S

Length: 63" (1600mm)
Wingspan: 68.5" (1760mm) with winglet
Power: 11~12Lb (4.5~6kg) thrust
Radio: min. 7 Servos required

Kit Feature: Aluminum tube plug-in for wings spar
Carbon fiber tube for elevator
Carbon fiber for vertical fins shaft
All live Hinging with precision gap sealing
Accurate scale surface with details
Super light and much stronger

Included: Landing Gear, Air kit, Hardware, Two Ducting (120mm and 130mm diameter)

  • Main Oleo Legs for EDF Viper JetMain Oleo Legs for EDF Viper Jet
  • TVP-190ATVP-190A
  • TVP-190BTVP-190B
  • TVP-190CTVP-190C
  • TVP-190DTVP-190D
  • TVP-190ETVP-190E
  • TVP130 TVP130
  • TVP150ATVP150A
  • TVP150BTVP150B
  • TVP150CTVP150C
  • TVP150DTVP150D
  • TVP160TVP160

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